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Widseth Provides Architectural Design in Mankato, MN

Widseth's architects are a fun bunch! You can expect a fun, collaborative experience working with our team of architects and engineers. You'll be involved every step of the way as we work together to develop beautiful architecture for your project. We'll treat you right and won't settle for anything less than excellence. Contact our architects today and let's talk about your vision for the future. We're located in Bridge Plaza, Suite 220, on Riverfront Drive in Mankato, MN.

Meet Chloe, a Mankato Student Who Wants to be an Architect

Chloe is currently a high school student in Mankato with a strong passion for design and she is considering a career in architecture. Follow her quest, beginning as an eighth grader, to learn how Mankato's newest showpiece, Bridge Plaza, was designed and built in a nine-part video series. Thank you to everyone who contributed during this exciting journey!

You'll Love Working With Tara!

Tara Rohman is a technical designer in Widseth's Mankato office and supports our team of architects and engineers. Watch this fun video to learn more about Tara and understand why she thinks working at Widseth rocks! Click the button below to watch the entire video series.

Our Architectural Design Process



Widseth's team of architects in Mankato, MN, will listen to your wants and needs to fully understand your vision for the project.



Our architects work with you to design your dream space.



We'll be with you until construction is complete. Our architects will visit your site regularly to make sure things are being built as designed.

Our architects design just about every type of building, from schools to maintenance facilities, stadiums to museums, and everything in between.

Architectural Design for Education

Creating an environment in which students can learn is so much more than simply designing a structure. It’s about creating a sense of place, one that supports the curriculum, inspires learning, instills pride, and motivates students to excel. Most of all, it’s about designing a school in which students and faculty feel safe, comfortable, and fulfilled.

  • New school planning and design
  • Referendum support
  • New construction
  • Renovations and expansions
  • District-wide and facilities assessments
  • Mechanical system upgrades
  • Accessibility and diversity inclusive design
  • Flexible learning environments
  • Student experience design
  • Furniture, fixture, and equipment selection
  • Athletic and recreational facilities
  • Extended and community learning spaces

Architectural Design for Government Facilities

Public entities make up a large portion of Widseth’s client base including local, municipal regional, state, and federal agencies.

  • Construction materials durability
  • Entrance/arrival visibility
  • Site location and size
  • Public access
  • Internal traffic patterns
  • Functionality and aesthetics
  • Adaptability for future renovation or expansion
  • Code requirements
  • Schedule and budget requirements

Healthcare Architecture

Widseth’s architects and engineers work directly with clinic doctors, hospital administration, and staff to design a functional, client-centered healthcare facility that supports the health care providers’ mission and the clients’ well-being. We develop designs that are responsive to current and future needs including:

  • Accommodate future technology and innovations
  • Design functional, client-centered healthcare facilities
  • Bariatric and inclusive design options
  • Sustainability and operational cost analysis
  • Disease control/prevention and indoor air quality

Architectural Design for Senior Living Facilities

Widseth’s experience includes non-profit, private, and public long-term care providers and housing authorities. Our designers keep up on research and current trends in supportive, vibrant spaces and resident care. Our designers consider many issues including:

  • Disease control and prevention
  • Accessibility
  • Entry and arrival
  • Security
  • Internal traffic patterns
  • Environmental concerns
  • Creative lighting
  • Code requirements
  • Outdoor & recreational needs
  • Bariatric and inclusive design options

Industrial Architecture

Widseth’s architects and engineers have a broad background in designing industrial buildings. Our range of experience emphasizes the principle that each client’s needs are unique and each facility we design is an expression of meeting those needs which include:

  • Site adaptation
  • Traffic patterns
  • OSHA and code requirements
  • Industrial versus office space
  • Freight and packaging areas
  • Environmental controls
  • Interior and exterior lighting, daylighting
  • Security
  • Green space
  • Sustainable design features

Architectural News

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