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Widseth Partnership is Helping the National Loon Center Become a Reality

“Having Widseth as a partner brings on a new meaning for partnership. They have been with the National Loon Center (NLC) since day one over three years ago. We have more than 100 partners supporting us and I feel they are our most important one. Their leadership in various fields, architectural, engineering, video development, and project management, has led the NLC to becoming a reality. The talent reserve they have makes our partnership work smoothly. I cannot say enough about their commitment to making our project successful. We are looking forward to the future developments at the NLC.”

— Jim Anderson, President, National Loon Center Foundation

Jim Anderson, President, National Loon Center Foundation

National Loon Center’s Fundraising Case Spelled Out in Widseth-Produced Video

Scientists say that loons will not exist in Minnesota 50 years from now if we don’t start making some changes today. Did you know the quality of our lake water has steadily declined over the past 50 years? Loons need clean, fresh water to survive and thrive. We all do! The National Loon Center will help all of us become leaders for loon preservation and freshwater conservation.

“Through hard work, generosity, and pure genius, the entire company of Widseth has brought to life our passion to educate and inspire the next generation of conservationists. We are a success because Widseth believes in their clients. Widseth equals GREATNESS.”

— Leah Heggerston, VP Board of Directors, National Loon Center Foundation

Leah Heggerston, VP Board of Directors, National Loon Center Foundation

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Christmas at the Job Site (Brainerd’s Performing Arts Center, Under Construction)

Watch as students from Brainerd High School’s Music Department perform a stirring Christmas carol from an as-yet-unconstructed stage, surrounded by steel and undaunted by the frigid December conditions. Structural columns, beams, and concrete walls envelop the musicians and form the bones of Brainerd High School’s future Performing Arts Center, designed by Widseth. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to this video as much as we did making it.

Zumbro Lutheran Church to Receive Major Renovation, Widseth Animation Brings Design to Life

Zumbro Lutheran Church will expand the current narthex, fellowship hall, and remodel the sanctuary. Plus, the entire facility will be accessible, natural light will be introduced into the sanctuary, and the offices will be expanded. The three-phase construction project is underway.

Steele County History Center Provides Flexible Space for Community Events

The 15,856-square-foot single-story building includes a specialty display and museum area, specialty artifact and archival storage, genealogy research rooms, administrative offices, multipurpose rooms, commercial kitchen, kitchenette, and theater. Many Owatonna community groups hold their meetings and events here throughout the year. The striking exterior features a full-height curved glass wall, which provides natural light deep within the interior during the day and showcases displays and activities at night.