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A Boundary Survey Will Help You Install Your Dock Stress-free


Summer is here! Well, almost. It’s time to hit the lake and soak up some rays. If you own waterfront property and are considering installing a dock, it’s crucial to know where your property boundary lines are. A boundary survey is a detailed analysis of your property lines, easements, and other regulations. Hiring a professional land surveyor to perform a boundary survey will help you determine where to install your dock so you can enjoy every minute at the lake.

Determine Your Property Boundary Lines

A boundary survey will help you understand your property limits, including any easements or encroachments that may be present. Knowing the exact location of your property lines will help you determine where to install your dock.

Meet Regulations

State and local authorities regulate where docks can be installed, as well as any surrounding paths or walkways. These regulations include setback requirements or restrictions. A boundary survey provides proof that your dock was installed in an allowable area and meets regulatory requirements.

Avoid Disputes with Neighbors

Disputes with your neighbors may arise if they feel like your dock was installed on their property. If you have a boundary survey, you’ll be able to show them the exact location of your property lines and avoid any disputes. You certainly don’t want your 4th of July celebration to be ruined by a disgruntled neighbor.


Save Money and Time

Don’t waste a beautiful summer day moving your dock because it was installed in the wrong place. A property boundary survey can save you time and money in the future by ensuring that your dock is installed correctly the first time.

Contact Widseth if You Need a Boundary Survey

A boundary survey could save you unnecessary headache when installing your dock. By investing in a boundary survey, you can avoid costly mistakes and legal disputes, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property’s true boundaries.

Contact Widseth today if you need a boundary survey. We’re located in Alexandria, Bemidji, Brainerd/Baxter, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Grand Forks, Mankato, Rochester, and Wyoming.

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