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Acquisition is the Key to Quality Lidar Data. Get the Best From 95West.


Widseth’s subsidiary, 95West Aerial Mapping, LLC, has the ability to simultaneously collect precise lidar data and high-resolution imagery for your utility project. If you are evaluating current infrastructure, planning for new development, or keeping track of highly-loaded lines during winter or summer peaks, our team can help. We can collect up to 60 ppm and better than 3cm GSD imagery in a single pass. Once the data has been collected and processed, Widseth’s team of transmission & distribution engineers will work with you to design the right solution for your needs.

Evaluate current infrastructure

  • Keep an eye on aging infrastructure with our accurate, four-band imagery.
  • Make an informed decision to reroute existing lines if necessary.
  • Analyze assets on public and private lands, canopy volumes, and tree heights.

Plan for new development

  • Fast-track your project with our simultaneous collection system. We’ll acquire a wide swath of your corridor for lidar and imagery in one mobilization.
  • Utilize impervious surface mapping, land use or land cover mapping, and change detection to develop long-range plans.

Track highly-loaded lines

  • Analyze conductors, poles, guy wires, insulators, and shield wires with high-density lidar captured with our Riegl 1560 II-S scanner.
  • Arrange a thermal evaluation from one of Widseth’s engineers to help you find and resolve vegetation issues, determine clearance violations, and even discover lines that can be uprated with no additional work!

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