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Boundary Surveys: The Key to Preventing Property Predicaments


Whether you’re a new homeowner, selling your property, planning a backyard project, or just want to avoid an awkward conversation with your neighbor, definitively knowing where your land begins and ends with a boundary survey can save you many headaches.

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey clearly defines where your land starts and ends. A professional surveyor conducts record research and a precise measurement and mapping process to determine the exact boundaries of a piece of land.

Why Should I Have A Boundary Survey Done?

Boundary surveys can help provide peace of mind and confidence in many of these common situations:

  • Land transactions: when buying or selling land, knowing the precise boundaries is imperative. A boundary survey helps prevent surprises regarding property lines and disputes after the transaction.
  • Land disputes with neighbors: having accurate information about boundary lines leaves little room for disputes.
  • Property development: a boundary survey provides information needed to stay within the legal boundaries of your land. You can confidently place a fence, work on landscaping projects, and even mow your lawn knowing you are within your boundaries.
  • Property value determination: properly surveyed land often has a higher value. Clearly showing where property lines start and end helps potential buyers feel confident they are getting what they are paying for.

A boundary survey is an investment in certainty and peace of mind. Whether you’re a homeowner, buyer, or seller, having a clear understanding of your property’s boundaries can prevent disputes, support smooth transactions, and ensure that your land-related endeavors proceed without unnecessary obstacles.

Read on to find out how a boundary survey can help with fence placement and dock placement on your property.

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