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CLC Welding Student Lends Hand in Loon Center Exhibit Production


Ethan Klisch recently graduated from Central Lakes College (CLC) with a Welding and Fabrication A.A.S. Degree. One of his final projects was to produce the “tops” for multiple outdoor exhibits at the future National Loon Center in Crosslake, MN.

Ethan designed the pieces using SolidWorks, a 3D CAD application typically used for modeling complex parts for machinery assemblies. Then, he cut out all the pieces using a CNC plasma cutter, drilled threads for bolt holes, and welded the bases to fit on various posts.

CLC Welding instructor David Otto said, “The project challenged Ethan to think about more than just welding. He had to think outside the box and come up with a solution that met the National Loon Center’s vision. Ethan needed to figure out how to create an assembly of parts to maintain the contrasting colors of the sign. This was the perfect project for Ethan because he plans to start his own welding repair business.”

Be sure to check out Ethan’s work the next time you’re in Crosslake. Two outdoor exhibits have already been installed. The first exhibit is located at the intersection of County Road 66 and County Road 3, near the entrance to the Cross Lake Recreation Area. The second exhibit is located behind the public restrooms near the fishing dock. Future exhibits will be installed on the new boardwalks along the shore.

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