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Crosby-Ironton Superintendent Reflects on Improvements Across District


The Crosby-Ironton School District is working with Widseth on a multi-phase, comprehensive renovation project. Watch the video below to hear from  Crosby-Ironton Superintendent Jamie Skjeveland, Early Childhood Coordinator Jenni Kannel, and various high school students as they share their thoughts about the newly renovated spaces.

Reflecting on the journey to date, Skjeveland remarked, “We’ve been working with Widseth for many years because of the success they have brought to our school district. We know exactly what type of product we’re going to get here at the Crosby-Ironton School District when we work with them.”

Improvements at the secondary school focused on revitalizing core spaces essential to the student experience, including the media center, locker bays, and cafeteria/commons. Skjeveland said, ” Who are the users? It’s our students. What can we do to these spaces that will make you want to be there and use that space? Widseth did an amazing job facilitating that process.”

Building upon this foundation, the secondary school aimed to modernize learning environments for future-ready facilities. Through state-of-the-art furnishings, technology, and finishes, classrooms and support spaces have been transformed into dynamic hubs of innovation and collaboration.

The improvements at Cuyuna Range Elementary School (CRES) focused on maximizing space utilization and enhancing functionality. Early Childhood Coordinator Jenni Kannel reflected on the experience, stating, “I really enjoyed being able to work directly with Widseth’s architect and interior designer because they both listened to what we needed for our students and our staff.”

The impact of these renovations extends far beyond the physical space. At both the secondary school and CRES, the improvements are poised to enrich teaching and learning experiences, engaging students, staff, parents, and the wider community.

Learn more about Crosby-Ironton’s remodeling enhancements after their successful 2019 referendum in our videos below.

After passing a referendum in 2019, the district prioritized the career and technical education (CTE) wing of the secondary school with the objective to prepare students for careers or college readiness.

Crosby-Ironton Superintendent Jamie Skjeveland describes his relationship with Widseth’s team during improvements to multiple remodel projects, including a state-of-the-art STEAM lab in the elementary school.

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