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VIDEO: Flexible Seating Options Will be Available in All Brainerd School District Elementary Classrooms


Furniture is an important part of everyone’s day. When it’s comfortable and helps us with our day-to-day activities it goes unnoticed, but it quickly becomes an issue if it’s not the right fit. Selecting furniture that can accommodate a wide range of kids in grades K-4 is not an easy task.

In this video Interior Designers Lindsey Kriens (Widseth) and Katie Hildenbrand (ARI) explain the process of selecting furniture, Occupational Therapist Eric Storbakken weighs in on the importance of flexible seating, and Nisswa Elementary School Principal Molly Raske shares what she learned from testing furniture options with her students. One of the main goals is to create consistencies in furniture across the entire school district.

Watch for more update videos about the Brainerd School District’s projects coming soon.

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