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SCDP Grants Secured for Essential Projects in Six Cities

Widseth’s funding department recently helped six cities secure Small Cities Development Program (SCDP) grants. The Cities of Big Falls, Dodge Center, Kelliher, Lonsdale, Pequot Lakes, and Randall received awards in the 2023 Grant round. Congratulations to each of these cities as you start work on your essential community projects.

Randall is using the funding for a water tower rehabilitation and waterline improvement, while Pequot Lakes and Kelliher are concentrating on wastewater improvement projects. Dodge Center, Big Falls, and Lonsdale are funding housing rehabilitation. The total cost of these essential community projects is just over $8 million and the $2.6 million of SCDP funding will play a critical role in making these good projects affordable for the cities.

Widseth’s funding department has long-standing relationships with a variety of agency leaders, such as the SCDP. With these solid partnerships, we often apply to two or three agencies and combine funding resources to develop the best funding scenario for our clients.

A large public facility project takes a year or two to develop thoroughly, but the result of such diligence is a more complete application that may be more favorably viewed by funding agencies.

It takes outside funding to make good projects affordable. Finding financial resources for small communities is the priority of Wideth’s funding department. The SCDP grant program is one of the resources that we use.

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