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Grants Available Through the Small Cities Development Program (SCDP)


The Small Cities Development Program will assist income eligible cities with public infrastructure improvements. These may include water and wastewater improvements, streetscape improvements, or rehabilitation of neighborhood community centers. Widseth’s funding department can assist your city in submitting a winning application.

1. Program & Description

Small Cities Development Program

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

The Small Cities Development Program (SCDP) helps cities with funding for public infrastructure projects.

Public Infrastructure may include rehabilitation of water lines, wastewater lines, elevated water storage tanks, and more.

Streetscape projects must correct Slum and Blight criteria, as per statute. Grants can provide funding for decorative streetlights, signage, ADA sidewalks with bump-outs, and more.

Rehabilitation of community centers must reconstruct deteriorated buildings that pose a threat to health and safety. Grants can provide funding for senior centers, centers for individuals with disabilities, youth centers, and others.

2. Eligibility

Eligible applicants:

  • Cities with at least 51% Low to Moderate Income (LMI) residents
  • Cities with fewer than 50,000 residents

3. Type of Funding

This funding assistance is provided through a grant. The maximum grant award for a single-purpose project is $600,000.

4. Application Deadline

5. How to Get Started

Get started on your project by contacting Widseth’s Funding Department. They can determine if your city is income eligible.

Public infrastructure applications for SCDP funding have specific requirements such as streetscape renderings, city renewal plans, or architectural drawings for community center rehabilitation. Widseth can assist with all elements of a winning application.

When your community has a public infrastructure need, there is a benefit to working with a full-service design firm such as Widseth. Your engineering, design, and funding applications will be developed simultaneously, saving your community time and expense.

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