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Installing a Fence? A Boundary Survey Could Save You Time and Money


How hard can it be to install a fence? Buy the materials and start digging postholes along the edge of your property, which must be close to where you’ve mowed the lawn for years. Well, installing a fence without a boundary survey could lead to major problems in the future. What if you accidentally install part of the fence on your neighbor’s property? Hiring a professional land surveyor to conduct a boundary survey is a critical step to take before installing your fence, potentially saving you future headaches and a lot of money.

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey determines the exact limits of a piece of property. Just because you and your neighbor have mowed to approximately the same place for years doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the property line. A licensed land surveyor will measure and map your property’s boundaries and verify if there are any existing markers or corners. The surveyor will also identify any potential encroachments or conflicts, such as neighboring structures that are near the property line.

Why Boundary Surveys Are Necessary

Understand Where Your Property Line Is

One of the main reasons to consider a boundary survey before installing a fence is to make certain that you’re building on your own property. Without a boundary survey, you may not know where the actual property lines are and accidentally build on your neighbor’s land. This could result in a costly legal dispute. You may even be required to move the fence, which means wasted time and money. Mowing part of your neighbor’s yard for free over the years may have gone unnoticed, but building a fence on their property will most likely get their attention.

Identify Encroachments and Restrictions

A boundary survey will reveal any encroachments or restrictions along your property line. This allows you the opportunity to work with your neighbor to resolve any issues with sheds, structures, or trees before installing your fence. A boundary survey can also identify any easements or restrictions on the property such as utility lines, drainage channels, or setback requirements that could affect fence placement.

Save Money on Costly Mistakes

By identifying potential conflicts before you start, you can avoid wasting money spent moving a fence that was installed in the wrong spot. You’ll also have a better understanding of your property’s boundaries, which will help you avoid costly mistakes on future projects.

Contact Widseth if You Need a Boundary Survey

Invest in a boundary survey before you install your fence so you can avoid costly mistakes and potential legal disputes. You’ll feel confident moving forward knowing that you’re building on your property.

Contact Widseth today if you need a boundary survey. We’re located in Alexandria, Bemidji, Brainerd/Baxter, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Grand Forks, Mankato, Rochester, and Wyoming.

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