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VIDEO: Major Improvements Give Minnewaska Baseball Stadium a Second Life


Widseth worked with the Minnewaska Baseball Association and the Minnewaska Area High School to re-design and renovate the current high school baseball facility into a beautiful stadium that will be used for many years. In a unique partnership, the Baseball Association funded the project through donations generated by area businesses and individuals. The new stadium will serve the high school, the baseball association, and many communities in the area.

Widseth engineers and architects worked with the baseball association, the school board and community members to design a stadium that addressed the wants and needs of many different community groups. Widseth compiled ideas, suggestions, and gathered input from baseball association members to design a facility that would be functional, within budget and enjoyable for all to use.

The new design includes rotating the layout of the field 180°. This will better position the field so sun is less of a factor for players during afternoon and evening games. A new drainage system and revised layout will help eliminate the current issues of runoff and washout of infield material, and ensure proper drainage of the field.

The highlight of the new facility is the stadium seating. The previous field had insufficient seating for fans and was located far from the parking lot. The new facility offers covered stadium seating for 335 people right next to the parking. New dugouts and a concession area have also been designed and built into the project.

Budget was one of the driving forces for this project, as it is funded mainly by donations. It was important that items that could be salvaged were reused to cut costs. The scoreboard and foul poles were reused along with repurposed field lights, topsoil, and field aggregate from the existing field.

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