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Money to Assist with Grant Preparation is Available from LMC


Small cities can apply for money from the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) to help fund the cost of grant preparation.

Program Requirements

The League of Minnesota Cities’ Grant Navigator provides small grant funding to help LMC members identify and apply for grants for an identified local project using the assistance of an industry partner.

  • $500,000 is available
  • The maximum grant amount is $5,000 per city
  • Goal of awarding 50% of the funds to cities with populations under 4,000

To Apply

  • Identify a project that needs funding, including its cost and readiness to proceed. There is a limit of one project per city.
  • Identify a project review team that includes:
    • The industry partner that the city plans to engage with to complete the review and work with throughout the application process. Widseth can help with this.
  • Determine what the funding will be used for:
    • Research for grant funding
    • Prepare a grant application
  • Adopt a resolution from the City Council in support of the project, if a grant is to be awarded.

Apply on the LMC website: Grant Navigator Application Form – League of Minnesota Cities

Submit your request to LMC prior to starting the project. A response should be recieved in approximately one month.

Feel free to call LMC at 651-215-4018 for more information.

We Can Help

The Widseth team is your industry partner. We can help your city prepare your grant application once you have secured LMC Grant Navigator funding. Widseth has helped cities secure more than $365 million in grant funding.

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