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Performing Arts Center Design for Brainerd and Pillager School Districts: ‘Technically, Architecturally Wonderful Spaces’


This video highlights the Gichi-ziibi Center for the Arts in Brainerd and the CTC Center in Pillager. Widseth is the architect of record for both projects and played a primary role in each design. It takes many consultants working together to plan, design, and construct a performing arts center and it’s critical to assemble the right team. In this video, Widseth architect Erica Marcussen, Peterson AV Consulting, Inc. President David Peterson, and Schuler Shook Theatre Planner and Partner Michael Burgoyne, share some interesting facts about the design of each auditorium.


It’s just so fun to have this incredible partnership with our community, to be able to provide opportunities in the arts that we never could have provided without this lovely facility.”

– Laine Larson, Former Superintendent, Brainerd Public Schools

“I love the acoustics of Brainerd. I think it’s one of the nicest halls I’ve been in, acoustically, in the last ten years.”

– David Peterson, President, Peterson AV Consulting, Inc.

“The pleasure of working with Widseth is that they understood this wasn’t a process where they gave us a pretty room and then we added some technology to it. It’s much more complicated than that and it’s much more collaborative than that.”

– Michael Burgoyne, Theatre Planner and Partner, Schuler Shook

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