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THE CITY SERIES: How Can Widseth Help You?


As the League of Minnesota Cities annual conference approaches we’re going to highlight some of the ways Widseth can help your city! Whether it’s designing a new road, establishing a GIS, planning for the future, or securing funding for a variety of projects, we’ve got you covered.

Topic #1: Wastewater Improvements
Is the wastewater system in your city nearing the end of its serviceable life? Are your flow rates low? Are your lift stations frequently overloaded? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions it’s time to improve your wastewater system.

Widseth’s engineers will work with you to identify the issues and establish a solid plan to get your system back on track. We’ve helped dozens of cities across the state overcome obstacles just like yours and we can do the same for you.

One of our wastewater projects recently received the City Engineers Association of Minnesota’s top engineering award: Municipal Project of the Year.

Interconnect Wastewater Project EGF and GF 2017 PA 11 1024x683 jpg
DJI 0018 1024x768 jpg
DJI 0019 1024x768 jpg

The Interconnect Wastewater Project was a collaborative effort between East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND. Widseth provided land surveying; civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering; water resources; and environmental services. We also helped secure funding for the project from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) and the State of Minnesota’s Bonding Bill.

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