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VIDEO: City of Dawson Receives Complete Infrastructure Upgrade


Widseth helped secure $15,570,000 in PFA funding, including a $9,720,000 grant for the massive, multi-phase project.

Can you imagine ripping up nearly every street in your city and replacing all the underground utilities? It takes a lot of coordination, planning, and the right financing to pull off a complete infrastructure upgrade. Watch this video to learn how our civil engineers and funding specialists worked with the city to make it happen.


Dawson’s multi-phase project includes new water lines, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, a new water tower, Safe Routes to School sidewalks, new streets with curb and gutter, and improvements to water meters, lift stations, and the water treatment plant.

“Working with Widseth is amazing! They’re always there and have helped us every step of the way. They’re a partner everyone needs.”

– Jill Kemen, Dawson City Clerk/Treasurer

“They care about the project, the residents, and they want to do what’s best. I would highly recommend them. Very good people.”

– Kurt Collins, Dawson Public Works Superintendent

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