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VIDEO: Create a Detailed Model of Your Entire Building with 3D Laser Scanning


See what the future of your facility could look like.

Manufacturers have large facilities, a lot of equipment, and are always looking at ways to improve efficiency. What happens when a new conveyor belt is added and you need to study different equipment configurations? It’s hard to visualize multiple scenarios and come up with the best solution. The Scan-to-BIM process can help you.

Scan-to-BIM starts with 3D Laser Scanning. During this stage millions of data points are collected’true to scale’and show every surface inside your building: utilities, beams, equipment layout…everything. This information is then used to generate highly accurate digital models. Whether you need to add, subtract, or reconfigure space, this process provides the data you need and the ability to manipulate it to make informed decisions faster.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the Scan-to-BIM process could help you.

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