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VIDEO: 44th Avenue Project Provides Critical Link on South Side of Alexandria


The City of Alexandria had a vision for many years to build a link on the south end of town connecting TH29 and S Broadway Street. The right-of-way had been platted for 20 years in this growing commercial area but the project never took off.

Widseth got involved in the fall of 2018 and helped the city secure state funding, which immediately brought the project to life. Widseth designed the 44th Avenue extension, which incorporates utilities, street lighting, sidewalks, a bike path, landscaping, and approximately 85 new trees. The project also includes a stormwater retention pond to support future growth in the 57-acre commercial development.

Watch the video to hear Alexandria City Administrator Marty Schultz discuss the project and his experience working with Widseth.

“It’s working as well or better than people expected. We’ve already seen a new business open up on the west end of the new extension. It has really made a difference in moving people around in that side of the city.”

– Marty Schultz | Alexandria City Administrator

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