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VIDEO: Widseth Helps Crosslake Visualize New Development Around Town Square


Crosswoods Development approached Widseth because they needed help communicating their ideas for the future of Crosslake. They have plans for many projects in and around Town Square that will drive growth for the city. We wrote and produced a video that showcases each piece of development with realistic animations. This allows the viewer to experience these projects in a fun and informative way, and gain a better understanding of what’s being proposed.


Crosswoods Development is working closely with many partners on the following projects, which are highlighted in this video.

  • Crosslake Community School & LAKE Center (Widseth and Hy-Tec Construction)
  • National Loon Center (Widseth)
  • Proposed Activity Channel (Widseth)
  • Town Square Park Redesign (Widseth)
  • Golf View Villas (Hy-Tec Construction)
  • The Seasons Apartments (D.W. Jones, Inc.)
  • Whitefish Senior Living (Trossen Wright Plutowski Architects, PA)
  • Shoreline Restoration
  • Town Square Retail Renovation (Nor-Son, Inc.)

All of this development is in varying stages, but it’s coming. If your business, restaurant, or shop needs a new home, now is the time to secure your space in Town Square. For leasing opportunities, visit

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