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Does Your City Need Help Planning & Budgeting for Upcoming Projects?


It’s budget season, and with that comes decisions about which municipal projects make the cut for next year. Most cities have a budgeting process in place and know where their priorities lie, but there are still many ways to invest time and resources. Do we set aside money for a new water tower or the roads that are in dire need of repair? Maybe we should finally tackle the fire hall that’s needed replacing for decades. Either way, budget deadlines are quickly approaching, and now is the time to get serious about which projects are in and which are out.

Some cities have a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to reference during budget preparation time. The format and complexity of these CIPs vary from city to city. We work side-by-side with city staff and council members to implement the best strategy tailored to your needs. In addition to infrastructure projects, such as wastewater and sanitary sewer, water systems, storm drainage systems, and roads, plans may also include buildings, parks, and equipment. These can consist of new police stations, fire halls, amphitheaters, or a wide variety of other public structures.

With engineers, architects, surveyors, and environmental scientists on staff, we can help you plan for any project. Whether you’re looking for an average cost-per-foot or a detailed scope with a cost estimate breakdown, we can help. We’ll take a holistic look at your situation, determine efficient sequencing, and help you develop a systematic approach for next year and beyond. We also have an in-house funding department that can help secure money to fund your projects.

“The last two years, we’ve utilized Widseth’s funding services, and they had a 100% success rate in obtaining grant dollars. Two or maybe three years prior, we tried to do it all in-house, and we weren’t successful at all.”

– Marshall Parks and Recreation Superintendent Preston Stensrud

Every city reviews different levels of detail when creating their estimates. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook budget items like financial or legal consultants, land acquisitions, or project contingencies. We will help ensure your budget is accurate and complete.

If you’re running into projects you haven’t dealt with in the past, contact us to answer any questions. We’ll get you on the right track, and you’ll feel confident submitting this year’s budget.

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