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Four Things to Consider When Planning Road Projects in Your Community

1. Is there a road that is a constant maintenance nightmare?

Do you spend extra money on the same road year after year? Could that money be used somewhere else? Does the road require re-grading regularly, new base material, or drainage improvements? It might be time to think about a reconstruction project.

2. Are your roads safe and sufficient for their function?

Design speed and traffic volumes dictate dimensions for lanes, shoulder, clear zone, etc. These dimensions may need to be increased on certain roads.

3. Is there public interest in improving a specific road?

If the public is interested, chances are they will be more open to paying for it.

4. Which roads are part of your Capital Improvements Plan?

If there is a road that is scheduled to receive improvements it will need design plans. Planning ahead will help keep your project on track.


Widseth helped the City of Alexandria improve Geneva Road last summer. Click the link here to see other projects showing the unique challenges of the road reconstruction project.

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