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How Dooley’s Petroleum Created a More Efficient Headquarters


After several years in the same location, Dooley’s Petroleum was facing a larger workforce, dated technology, and a fleet that was located in a separate location from their office building.

Problems were apparent for Dooley’s. Not only were their facilities confined but also outdated. They needed a space that would create a comfortable work environment for their employees, present a quality company image to the public, and bring their office space and maintenance shop together in one place. Dooley’s decided it was time to start fresh and relocate to a site that would create a positive company culture. The company purchased land in Willmar, MN to build a contemporary office space and a modern maintenance shop. Their contractor, Marcus Construction, referred Widseth to them for their design needs.

While planning for an all-new facility can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. I took a step-by-step approach with Dooley’s management team. The first step was to meet with the owners and other stakeholders to listen to their concerns, answer questions, and discuss elements they wanted to incorporate in their new building. Widseth’s team analyzed the site and considered how to ensure safety while capitalizing on the highly visible site. Our team generated two design concepts. Widseth and Dooley’s worked together to refine each concept until they had created a single solution that reflected Dooley’s vision for their new corporate headquarters.

The design capitalizes on distinctive views, including overlooking a nearby pond, and lets natural light flood interior spaces throughout the day, which makes for a better working environment. The open layout encourages interaction, and the new breakroom and outdoor patio provide perfect places for employees to build teamwork and camaraderie. The site also accommodates efficient and safe movement of the company’s fleet as well as room for expansion. Dooley’s now has a new, more centralized location that better reflects their company image.

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