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Transportation Engineering to Improve Traffic, Safety, and Mobility

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Transportation Engineering Services

  • Preliminary topographic survey
  • Preliminary geometric layout
  • Environmental documentation
  • Contamination investigation phase I & II
  • Right-of-way plats/deeds
  • Preliminary design, final design/detail design
  • Hydraulic analysis and bridge design
  • Wetland impacts and mitigation design
  • Agency coordination and permits
  • Staff augmentation
  • Construction cost estimates & staking
  • Construction engineering inspection & management

Complete Streets: Do it all. Do it right.

Broadway Street / TH29 serves the heart of downtown Alexandria, a vibrant business community. The reconstruction effort combined a beautiful complete streets project with the replacement of all underground infrastructure. Preparation for the project began years before construction commenced.

The Redesigning of Alexandria’s Downtown (R.O.A.D.) Crew developed a marketing plan to engage the downtown businesses and the community at large. New community events, increased business, and fewer traffic accidents are just some of the reasons Alexandria residents are thankful for the new stretch of Broadway.

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Agnes Boulevard Improvements Provide a Safe Connection for Pedestrians

Agnes Blvd. just north of downtown Alexandria was once a winding county road. With no shoulder for foot traffic, people avoided the narrow road altogether. Widseth assisted the City of Alexandria throughout the project, providing civil engineering, survey, water resources, and resident communication services. Check out this video featuring Alexandria’s city planner Mike Weber showcasing the completed project.

“Our relationship with Widseth has been outstanding. They’re gifted in terms of their design and execution. From the planning and zoning world, it’s a home run for us.”

— Mike Weber, Alexandria City Administrator

Mike Weber, Alexandria City Administrator
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Widseth Roads. Enjoy the ride.

Some roads are just a way to get from here to there. Other roads are an adventure. Everyone likes a good road, but everyone loves a great experience! Watch as two Polaris Slingshots cruise Nelson Drive. This Widseth-designed road offers motorists an exhilarating ride as it curves around lakes and rolls over small hills in a beautiful area of Deerwood Township.

The increased presence of water near the pavement had led to constant maintenance issues and occasionally made Nelson Drive impassable. Improvements included raising and widening the roadway and adding riprap to protect against wave action and ice expansion.

If the roads in your neck of the woods could use some improvements (and a little more excitement), give us a call. We’d love to design a new road for you to enjoy.

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