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Will Mechanical System Upgrades be Part of Your Long-Range Plan? We Can Help.


Long-range plans for school districts typically involve mechanical system upgrades to improve air quality, reduce operational cost, and address aging equipment. Widseth’s mechanical engineers will perform an analysis of your building systems to ensure the right Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is selected. Many factors impact this decision, such as:

  1. Types of spaces (general classrooms, science labs, FACS, gyms, etc.).
  2. Space conversions. For example, a computer lab that is being adapted to a fitness room will have completely different system requirements.
  3. Occupant density, weather conditions, and existing building envelope.
  4. Existing systems that are oversized. If a space has more efficient lighting and equipment that gives off less heat, then your mechanical system needs to be “right-sized” to match the load. This can help improve occupant comfort.
  5. We’ll determine which components of an existing system can be reused and which need to be replaced to maximize your budget.
  6. System maintenance requirements.

Meeting the demands of all the different types of spaces in your school is challenging, especially in old buildings. We’ll design a system that’s right for your facility and incorporate it into your long-range plan.

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