Brownfield Assessments
Widseth's scientists will work with you to clean up your brownfield site.
Compliance and Permitting
Our environmental scientists prepare necessary applications and documents.
Environmental Reviews
Widseth's scientists have conducted hundreds of environmental reviews and assessments.
Wetland Services
Our certified wetland delineators will help you adhere to environmental regulations.
Our scientists aim to improve environmental and water quality

Brownfield Assessments

Widseth’s scientists have completed several brownfield projects from large industrial complexes to small pesticide release sites. We provide many types of environmental service for the following programs and plans:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Voluntary Investigation and Clean-up (VIC)
  • Development Response Action Plans (DRAPs)
  • Drilling investigations
  • Construction observation for hazardous and contaminated materials
  • Erosion control planning and observation
  • Corrective action excavation reporting

Compliance and Permitting

Our environmental scientists prepare necessary applications and documents, negotiate with regulatory agencies, and coordinate permit approvals for projects.

Environmental Reviews

Widseth’s environmental scientists perform Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) to examine how a project may impact wetlands, wildlife, groundwater, transportation, farmland, and residents.

Wetland Services

We have a team of certified wetland specialists that know the rules and regulations of wetlands and the best ways to protect them. In addition to wetland expertise, we also have a strong background in the supporting sciences of hydrology, soil science, and ecology. Our environmental services staff is trained in current field methods, restoration and creation technologies, and regulatory compliance assistance.

  • Wetland identification (delineations and demarcations)
  • Vegetation inventory
  • Permits, exemptions, and no-loss determinations
  • Local, state, and federal applications
  • Replacement plans and mitigation strategies
  • Created and restored wetland designs
  • Wetland monitoring
  • Function and value assessments
  • Wetland banking applications
  • Ordinary high-water level evaluations

Environmental News

Our scientists will help you protect valuable assets in your community.